Keeping you in control

Central heating controls are designed to manage your boiler so your hot water and central heating are provided when you want them, and your home stays at the required temperature. The latest controls also offer intelligent features that help reduce your gas bills by boosting your boiler’s performance, making it more energy-efficient.

Warm for Life supply and install a range of Worcester Bosch central heating controls to suit your boiler, needs and lifestyle. You’ll find an overview of each type of controls below.

Smart control – the Worcester Wave

Control your boiler from anywhere in the world with the Wave, part of Worcester’s new generation of smart central heating and hot water controls. Using a free app on your smart phone or tablet, the Wave lets you manage your heating and hot water remotely and tracks your gas usage so you can spot where you could make savings.

The Wave also tracks live, online weather data to determine local conditions and provide weather compensation technology without the need for an outdoor sensor.

Other key features:

  • Advanced technology ‘talks’ to your boiler to boost efficiency
  • Fully-programmable 7 day settings for heating and hot water
  • Pairs with up to 8 smart devices and senses when you’re at home
  • Remembers your last programmed settings
  • Load compensation feature improves radiator efficiency
  • Holiday mode
  • Ideal for holiday homes as can be switched on remotely
  • Can be used manually using a built-in touch screen
  • Guaranteed data privacy and security

Find out more about the Worcester Wave here.

Intelligent controls

The Greenstar Sense I and Sense II controls can help you save money on your energy bills by increasing your boiler’s efficiency. They work by automatically adjusting the boiler’s output to heat your home to the required temperature as efficiently as possible.

The Sense II model is an intelligent weather compensation controller that offers additional savings by changing your boiler’s settings to account for the outdoor temperature.

Other key features:

  • Intelligently interacts with your boiler
  • Different temperature settings for different times and days
  • Load compensation feature increases radiator efficiency
  • Large, clear display with simple dial adjustment (Sense I)
  • Attractive, back-lit touch-sensitive display (Sense II)
  • Interacts with a solar thermal energy system (Sense II)

Find out more about the Greenstar Sense range here.

Digital controls

The Greenstar Comfort range gives you control over your hot water and central heating, as you can choose different on/off times for different days of the week. All models offer useful features like holiday mode and load compensation, which lowers radiator temperatures as your home warms up – maintaining comfort but reducing energy use.

Other key features:

  • Three adjustable hot water time periods per day
  • Up to six central heating temperatures per day
  • Digital display with simple menu navigation
  • Automatically adjusts to British summer / winter time
  • Plug-in and wall-mounted options available

Find out more about the Greenstar Comfort range here.

Like to know more?

Please contact us for more information on the latest range of Worcester Bosch controls, or for help with choosing the right option for your boiler, needs and lifestyle.