Here at Warm for Life, we’re always thinking of ways to make life easier for our customers. We recognise that it can be hard to find time during the working day for us to visit your home to quote for a new installation. However, if it’s winter and your boiler or central heating system isn’t working, you’ll want to get it sorted as soon as possible!

Here at Warm for Life, we’re big fans of Worcester Bosch boilers. And it looks like they’re big fans of us, too, as we’ve recently been promoted to Platinum Accredited Installers. This means we’ve now carried out over 100 successful boiler installations – making us one of the most experienced Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers in the Nottingham and Derby area.

We’re delighted to announce that Warm for Life has recently acquired the Wollaton-based plumbing business, Chris Martin (Plumbing) Ltd. On deciding to retire, business owner Chris was keen to hand his customer base over to a reputable local firm – and Warm for Life was the perfect choice.

Making your home a little more eco-friendly doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. With just a few small changes, you can do your bit to help protect the environment and reduce your energy bills, too.

Advice for homeowners on how to thaw a frozen condensate pipe safely and prevent frozen pipes in the future. Video includes information about our 'CondenseSure' device which helps to prevent external condensate pipes from freezing, even in the harshest winter weather conditions found in the UK and Ireland.

Featuring our new Greenstar System Filter and the importance of keeping your boiler and and central heating system in peak condition.

Boiler tips from Worcester: getting your boiler serviced, finding a professional boiler installer, reducing heating bills and replacing an old boiler with a high efficiency condensing boiler.

The benefits of a high efficiency condensing boiler.

This video demonstrates how to bleed a radiator, in order to release built up air and solve heating problems such as a 'gurgling' sound and cold radiator tops.

Fresh, clean water is a precious commodity – and a privilege that we’re lucky to have. Cutting down on the amount of water you use will help protect our environment and reduce strain on our natural resources. And if you have a water meter, saving water will save you money, too! These hints and tips from Warm for Life will help you get started.

In terms of central heating controls, weather compensation technology offers an energy efficient alternative to a traditional timer and thermostat set-up. The technology works by using changes in the outdoor temperature to ‘decide’ how warm your radiators need to be. So if it’s a cold morning, your boiler will initially work harder to produce more heat. As the day warms up, your boiler will ease off so the radiators cool down.

Warm for Life, a Nottingham-based plumbing and heating business, have launched a brand new website to showcase their range of services. Developed in partnership with local suppliers, the website is designed to clearly explain what Warm for Life have to offer – and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Nest is an innovative approach to home technology that will make your life easier. Nest products work together in an intuitive way to learn about your lifestyle and habits – for example, what time you go to work in the morning and when you to bed at night. Core Nest items communicate with other products, known as Works with Nest, to help protect your home, keep your family safe and reduce your energy bills.

Insulation. Around 30% of the heat loss from your home is through the roof. You can reduce this considerably by insulating the roof space. You may be able to get a grant towards this.

Radiators use hot water generated by a boiler to warm the air in a room. Generally, the hotter the temperature of the radiator, the hotter the room temperature will be.

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